1. ReQuest M Feat Lizwi - Isidwaba
    ReQuest M Feat Lizwi

  2. Stones & Bones - Rhythm Of The Night Remixes
    Stones & Bones

  3. Guyana Son ft Tshaka Campbell - Joust
    Guyana Son ft Tshaka Campbell - Joust

  4. Stones & Bones - Rhythm of the night
    Stones & Bones

  5. Master Fale ft Mbali - Umuhle
    Master Fale ft Mbali

  6. DJ Biopic - Momentum
    Dj Biopic

  7. Uno feat. Mandy - Nawe
    Uno feat. Mandy

  8. Listen Different
    Guyana Son ft Tshaka Campbell

  9. Story of My Life
    Rephlex, Lady Lee

  10. African War Cry

  11. My Lover Calling
    Cee ElAssaad Feat. Brittany Tanner

  12. Wrong U remixes
    Stones & Bones

  13. Is It Love
    Rephlex ft Lady Lee

  14. Nebula
    dj AkisM

  15. Dance After 12
    Marubini Musiq ft Sio

  16. The Calling
    Ubizo Café

  17. Animo
    Mario Bianco

  18. Nomads
    Master Fale ft CJ Stones

  19. Babalawo
    Gianluca Pighi, Tiziano Ribiscini

  20. River Of Life
    Master Fale

  21. Unity
    Sbonza G ft Stones & Bones

  22. Ubizo Café ft Herbedyz,

  23. Backlash
    Mario Bianco

  24. Beyond Tone & Friends, Vol. 2
    Beyond Tone, Shaun Ashby

  25. FOMP Locker, Vol. 1
    Loretta, SweetTuth, Hood natives

  26. Whole Again
    Vencer Cafe ft Keodireleng

  27. When Five02 Calls
    Rider Five02

  28. Story Of My Life
    Rephlex ft Lady Lee

  29. Beyond Tone & Friends, Vol. 1
    Beyond Tone, Trinidadian Deep, Luka

  30. This Moment
    Stones & Bones, LT-Adams

  31. Moody Nights
    Vandal M

  32. Baka'Nswazwi
    DJ T.I.C, D'Elaborate Nossca

  33. Take Me Out
    SAbell ft Bims

  34. Deep Down
    Yusuke Hiraoka

  35. Ritual Jazz
    Matt Feliz

  36. London Soul
    DJ Fale

  37. Speak to me (remixes)
    Brie Boateng

  38. Calculations

  39. Dankie Sonic
    Dj Sonic

  40. No Regrets
    Vencer Cafe

  41. African Chicago

  42. Needle Space Jazz
    Wipe the Needle

  43. Quietly Sexy
    Beyond Tone Ft Ceri of Beyond Tone

  44. Part of me
    Luka Ft Mz Jay

  45. Ocean Life
    Xerophytic Soul

  46. New Day the remixes
    Tronix Deep & RHM ft Semi Brieve

  47. Uroboro
    Mephia & Andrum

  48. Beyond Tone Ft Ceri of Beyond Tone
    Master the Universe

  49. Wrong U
    Stones & Bones

  50. Voices

  51. Butterflies
    Craze M & Toffee Brown

  52. Deep Within
    Mthi Wa Afrika

  53. Speak to me
    Brie Boateng

  54. My First Love
    Dj Sonic

  55. You Should Go
    dj AkisM feat. Eirini Politi

  56. FOMP Presents Under Pressure Records
    Various Artists

  57. Take a Deep breath
    Marubini musiQ FT Sio

  58. The Profound Mtonians
    Makhen Gigga

  59. New Day
    Tronix Deep and RHM Ft Semi Brieve

  60. Hyper

  61. Afrikan Acoustic
    Mthi Wa Afrika

  62. Rituals Of Afrika
    Soul Varti

  63. Happiness
    Yusuke Hiraoka

  64. Midnight
    Profound Nation

  65. Live your life
    Hood Natives ft Bophelo

  66. Love the way
    Paul Jones

  67. Look Beyond Remixes

  68. Ensemble of Brotherhood
    Blaque Core and Blaque Inche

  69. Ruff Piano
    Dj AkisM and Frozack

  70. Nozomi EP
    Yusuke Hiraoka

  71. The Roof Leak
    Dj Fale

  72. Sometimes The Remixes
    Joseph Hines ft Loretta

  73. Yahweh

  74. Look Beyond

  75. More Love, More Light EP
    Luka ft Mz Jay

  76. New Horizon
    Paul Jones

  77. Hold Me
    Dj Fale

  78. The FOMP Sampler



From the depths of South London a small four letter movement is taking place that is FOMP. Originally a label set up to release his own material, Joseph Hines has built FOMP into a small network of artist, labels and most importantly quality music. With fans from the likes of Osunlade, Dj Spinna and Danny Krivit to name a just few. FOMP thrives its self on delivering quality music. ... more

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